“Love One Another”

On this Maundy Thursday, hear the words of Jesus from John and a response by Steve Garners-Holmes.

‘If I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet,
         you also ought to wash one another’s feet.’
                  —John 13.14

Lord, what was it like to wash Judas’ feet,
on your knees, with such tender kindness?
         An act of love, not irony.

What is it like to so humbly serve me,
to kneel at the feet of my failure and betrayals,
to welcome and wash and soothe me
as if I am your master?
         Pure love, without demand.

Give me this love, this gentle humility,
to wash the feet of those who oppose me,
to treat them with tender kindness,
to seek always to be closer to you,
on your knees below us all,
         serving in perfect love. 

         ‘Love one another, as I have loved you.’
                  —John 13.34


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