A “Good Friday” Prayer from Matthew 27 & Psalm 22

"My God, My God"
the cry rings out.
Quiet. Then storm. Then dead-quiet.
No answer to that cry,
no respite for the needy.
But acknowledgement that
“I AM” is still “seated on the throne.”

I feel like a worm watching,
listening, hearing about
Your death. For me.
What tragedy—tragedy
of all tragedies—that
You died. For me.
But the Lord is not
far away. Even in death
there is still hope.   For me.

So for that, even in the
midst of death, we praise.
Even today, we join the unending
hymn of the angels, even now,
even then, still today.
Even those at “death’s door
bend knee before him.”

Even in this temporary turning,
there is ultimate rescue.



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