a third self (response)

Good friend. I love your words and your thoughts are beautiful. I’m glad you have unlocked the “lunatic” in you. It is the lunatic that I’ve always loved!

I have thought about your selves and decided this to be correct with one great omission. You are missing the third self.

I have in me both the first self, the one who all can see and here with me now, and the second which is often freed through word and what you formerly knew as “thought.” Then I have a third self, I have God.

In my belief, when I accept that I cannot live on my own and need God to guide me through life, I “ask Him into my heart” (sorry to use the overly used phrase). When He comes into my heart, He takes over me (both selves) and thus is formed the third self.

Although the third self was not me originally, I have been joined to this self in the same way we are joined in marriage. When you become married, there is still the one and the other, then there is also the two combined which makes its own entity. The same can be said from a true union with God; I have my own selves that I can allow to govern me, then there is a third self which I try to allow and govern me. If we follow my logic (I am not completely certain that is possible), then the third self (that which you have often refered to as religion and most-recently called “tradition”) is not only God, but us joined with God.

I think where I was trying to go with that is to prove that when we are governed by this third, more etherial self, we are not lifeless chumps following “tradition” or “religion”, we have a say in what we do but that say is tempered by God (a temperance that comes with a grace and swiftness not known to man).

So yes, let your lunacy free, but I’ve done so in the union with God and this has created a most-enjoyable amalgamation.

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