A Truly Wonderful God

There are just those days where I am down. I think we all have them and usually they are a result of whatever may be going on. I haven’t had many of those days lately; God has been so good to me, blessing me with a truly precious wife of whom I am severely undeserved, a loving family (both adopted and by blood) and countless other opportunities that most twenty-two year olds don’t get to experience. However, today was a down day and I think that since I haven’t had one in so long it hit me especially hard. It is during these days that I find myself feeling bad for me and “how hard I have it,” or “how hard things are” (I put those in quotes because I realize just how good I have it and how good things are for me). I spent my day answering calls I didn’t want to hear, doing work I didn’t want to do and being in a class I didn’t want to be in.

I finally settle down a bit and check my email to find the “verse of the day” sent by biblegateway.com. I used to think that a daily verse was way too much of a cliché for me but there have been countless time where God has spoken something to me of for me through these simple emails. Today’s verse is:

“Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

-Isaiah 46:4

I believe that the Bible is a living book and that God can speak to you through verses, chapters, books and anything else in there. This was another beautiful example of how Wonderful God is (I am intentional in my use of “wonderful” as an adjective for God. I don’t think there is a word that truly encompasses how great God is but I like what wonderful means: inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good; marvelous). God took my day, all the feelings and emotions I’ve stored up from this “down” day and took it all. He told me it’s Ok, He told me that no matter what sort of day I’ve had or think I’ve had, he is right there and that I shouldn’t try to do it on my own.

The thing is, and I go back to this all the time, I already knew this. That is why I think God is so wonderful, he is wonderfully patient with me. He knows that He has already told me this, I can’t think of how many times He has told me that He will carry me. Even still, He is good and wants me to know it again. He knows exactly what I need to hear and exactly when I need to hear it (or how many times I need to hear it).

What a truly wonderful God


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