I loved today’s devotional from the “Upper Room” and wanted to share it with you:

Whoever diligently seeks good seeks favor, but evil comes to the one who searches for it.

– Proverbs 11:27 (NRSV)

Today’s Devotional

I sat in a coffee shop telling my friend how much I was dreading the upcoming visit of one of my relatives. She listened, paused and then said, “You know, if you’re expecting him to annoy you, he will. You will find problems if you’re looking for them.”

I sat in silence, digesting her words. Then I sighed and said, “You’re so right.” I knew I needed to change my attitude before my relative arrived.

Then I read Proverbs 11:27. The truth of how the verse applied to me was so clear that it startled me. Because I focused on the irritating behaviors of my relative, I could not appreciate him. He could be engaging, funny, and pleasant. But up to this point I had missed out on all his good attributes because I wasn’t looking for them. As the verse implies, we will find the negative if we look for it. Still, the opposite is also true. When we look for the good in people or situations, we really can find it.

My relative did come for a visit, and I was irritated at times. But I also enjoyed his humor, his generosity, and his entertaining stories. And when he left, I thanked God for using my friend and scripture to show me that I was the one who needed to change.

Dana Ryan (California, USA)

The scripture quotation is from the NEW REVISED STANDARD VERSION of the Bible, copyright © 1989, by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2012 by The Upper Room, a ministry of GBOD. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce or redistribute without written permission from the publisher.

I think this is something I have always struggled with in my life. I know that I can go through seasons where I always seem to expect the worst out of everyone. That is one of the reasons I count myself so blessed to have people in my life who are not like this. One example would be Lindsay; she is a person who “seeks good” and normally finds it in life. I have so constantly been surrounded by people who want to see the good in life and because of this, they find it.

I think this is such a beautiful and simple message. When I ask God to help my attitude and see the “glass half full” (sorry to use that cliché), I do. I Ike to think of it as the sun just coming up instead of setting. Maybe that is because I am a morning person, but you get the analogy.



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