Truly Blessed

I think I have written the same thing many times in my life: “I am truly Blessed.” I know that has been the theme of quite a few of these entries but as I sit in my new apartment in Alabama, I can feel the favor of God all over my life.
So many times, I allow myself to get worked up about what is going to happen next. Then every time, I find myself sitting somewhere like I am right now just thinking how great God has been to me, all my life. That is the truly remarkable thing, God has shown favor on me my whole life. I have never been worth what He has given me, from my family, my wife, my education, health all the way down to the great pleasures like living in another country (also known as paradise) for 4 months.
I truly believe that God chose before I was born that I would experience the greatest this life has to offer. I have allowed myself to follow every path He opens and He constantly pours out His blessings. Undoubtedly I have taken the wrong path more times that not but even then He shows His grace (see my last entry) and gently steers me back to the path He has for me.

This will be a short entry. I just want to share again that God is good. The more I allow Him to lead my life, the more Blessed I am. C.S. Lewis states it better than I can, “One will thus in a sense (when surrendering to God) be almost nothing: a room to be filled by God and our blessed fellow creatures, who in their turn are rooms we help fill.”

The thing I love to think about most when I am feeling how blessed I am is that I am only at the beginning. It is wonderful to know that whether in this world or the next, I am only just beginning the tunnel into His blessings for me.


One thought on “Truly Blessed

  1. Praise be to God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all Creatures below. Praise Him above he heavenly hosts. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen

    Good luck with the move wish we could be there.

    We Love you Cole

    Ben and Kayce

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