What Do You Need Most?

What do you really need? What area in your life, your family, with your self do you really have a desire, a true need?

Yesterday we explored Luke 6:17-26 and I couldn’t get past the first couple of verses. Jesus came down from a mountain to a level place to be with them. Not above or below, beyond or away but right with them. People came from all over (traveled great distances) to be with him, to be healed by him, to just sit and hear him. I think maybe most importantly, they came just to be seen in all their imperfection and beauty — and when he saw them, he loved them with a love beyond anything we can fully grasp.

I could keep writing and repeat what I said yesterday, but I encourage you to take some time today or tonight and watch (maybe again if you were there) the sermon. God was with us yesterday and I’ll let that speak for itself.

Below is the video, the sermon starts around 34:00 (although the whole service is worth an hour of your day).

You are NOT alone. I love you. I am grateful for you.

Grace & Peace, Pastor Cole

Image 2-18-19 at 10.03 AM

One thought on “What Do You Need Most?

  1. The mission of Jesus is clear. Jesus being God in the flesh came to be with the people. Over and over we wee the power in the relationships that flow from God’s love through Jesus, and through us in the Holy Spirit. Thanks Cole for sharing your message with us.

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