“The Great Surrender”

This morning I was planning on preaching a sermon about “surrender.” In fact, in the grandiose ways that pastors do, I had titled the sermon: “The Great Surrender.” 

Surrender to. That phrase is defined: “abandon oneself entirely to.” This morning the power is out, the rain is pouring the wind is howling, there isn’t a lot I can do to be productive. Instead, it’s an “abandon oneself entirely to” kind of morning. There isn’t much to be done. There isn’t anywhere I should or want to go. There isn’t anything that needs my attention except for this exact moment, this exact place, the very ground beneath my feet right now. 

Most of this week I have been consumed with this verse: “Enjoy the Lord, and he will give what your heart asks” (Psalm 37:4, CEB). The word “enjoy” is otherwise translated as “be soft in.” So it could be read like this: “Be soft in the Lord…” 

On a morning where we don’t need to be anywhere or do anything, just surrender. Be soft in the Lord. See what this moment — this unexpected moment of nothing — brings. Allow yourself to relax with family (even if y’all are going a little stir-crazy). Allow yourself to read a good book (maybe even the Bible!). Allow yourself to surrender because what else can we do?

“Be soft in the Lord, and he will give you what your heart desires.” We may not even know what our heart really wants until we take a few moments in sweet surrender. 

So surrender. It doesn’t even have to be a “great surrender,” maybe just a little one for now. Maybe just let yourself see where God is in this storm. Maybe try listening to this precious song (https://youtu.be/fPYX65xcsPI) by Rita Springer about surrender. 

“Be soft in the Lord.” What does that mean for you? How might you be soft today? How can you find a moment of “sweet surrender” and discover what it is your heart is really craving.

Be safe in this weather (for those in the Carolinas). Be safe and surrender to a few moments with a God who is always looking to give you the very best, even when you least expect it.


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