When was the last time

A winter’s day reflection at 6000 feet.


When was the last time you

sat right on the ground?

Nothing between you and momma earth.

There is a deep connecting in sitting still.

The dirt and twigs and grass have

a lot to teach you.

When was the last time you

slowed your breath enough

to hear the wind whip

through the winter brush?


I don’t make time for this sort of learning anymore.

I don’t walk the hour, drive the hour

or sit the hour to find

this already painted and ongoing masterpiece.


When was the last time I

came to visit this old friend?

Always waiting. Never rushed.


When was the last time I visited

somewhere just beyond my words’ reach. Words just

won’t do, they limit and define

this expansive greatness.


Still, I come back to her and I’m

instantly welcomed into the thick

of her beauty.

And I’m grateful. And I’m speechless.

3 thoughts on “When was the last time

  1. Cole, thank you for sharing. I can visualize the Blue Ridge Mountains each morning over a couple cups of coffee and my conversation with the One who created it all. Someday, I will be able to take all the time I need to catch a breath. However, I rely on God for each breath each moment of the day even in the most difficult situations and the interruptions of life.
    Peace and Love

  2. You are a wordsmith. I felt drawn into the beauty of your day! Thanks for sharing His splendor with me. Always loving you!

  3. I pull up Mt Pisgah web cam every day and look at it! We sure miss ya’ll and the mountains!
    We are working for Leeds welfare for Christmas and doing Christmas for about 185 kids in Leeds. A LOT of shopping and checking bags that people bring in for kids! We are worn out! Tomorrow is shopping for clothes etc and hope to be through Friday. Bag handout is Monday and THEN I can work on my own Christmas!

    Marilyn and Tony

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