Mother’s Day Prayer


I have so many mothers to be thankful for…

Momma, Grandmother, BMILE, Mary Ellen, Victoria, Granny, Mother-Earth and the many “grandma’s” at Bethany UMC.

O God, you’ve spoiled me with such maternal love. I’m so grateful for the tender and true love they’ve so freely given.

Ample. Abundant. Precious. Pure. Caring and Consistent.

May they know the long nights of prayer, the secret moments of worry, the blessed days of celebration… Not one has been untrue or unheard.

Give them, this Mother’s Day and always, give them even a small portion of what they’ve so freely given me, and they too will be blessed beyond words. Hold them like they’ve held me, and they too will know the safety and security of grace, joy and precious love.

I’m humbled to think of the generosity of spirit my “Mothers” have given. Truly, words cannot begin to describe how full you’ve filled my heart.

Thank you.

I love you all so, so much.

May the grace and peace of our Lord be with you on this Mother’s Day and always.

-Your son,


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2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Prayer

  1. Cole- you never cease to amaze me at how sweet, thoughtful and intelligent you are! You always know how to make everyone feel good! Thank you for all your love. Sure wish I could be there to hug your neck. I love you!

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