Holy Week-Monday

Happy Holy Week!

Each day this week I am going to spend some of my time reflecting on a Psalm. The Psalms come from The Revised Common Lectionary (click here).

Click Holy Week (Mon.)-Psalms:Prayers for today’s prayer (the prayer comes from the Book of Common Prayer).

Whether you choose this practice or another, I encourage you to lean into this week that holds so much power and promise. See where we might find God as we hope to hear the sacred stories of Jesus’ life anew and afresh.


And if you feel so led, let me know how it goes for you. Call, text, email, post, tag, tweet, etc. The goodness of this season should be shared with everyone! I look forward to finding you along the roadside as we journey towards the cross.

Grace & Peace          -Pastor Cole


One thought on “Holy Week-Monday

  1. Thank God for his mercy that does bring me daily back, and show me the wonderful God who loves me so much.. My roughest days bring the most clarity of who God is for me. I pray and work on stretching my faith to all day. Bob A.

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