You might notice I missed a week and this week’s post is coming very late! I have one excuse (actually two) for this… MIDTERMS!!!

I finished my first midterm yesterday (it went well, thanks for asking) and have one more next Thursday. I don’t think the semester will slow down much after that, but here’s to hoping!

Instead of my normal sermon recap, I will offer this prayer I shared in service last week from Don Potter:

I have a light

And it always shines

It shines in the day

It shines in the night

And when the dark days come

And the sun isn’t bright

I will be shining

For I have a light

My light is the Lord

Jesus by name

My light is the Spirit

Who leads me to change

My light is the Father

Who gave up His own

My light is the hope

I’ll be with Him in a heavenly home”

Wherever you find yourself this week, let the Lord be your light, your strength and your salvation.


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