Good Times

I am sorry it has been so long since I last updated this journal. I have found myself almost overwhelmed at times during the past few months with work, finishing the semester at Clemson, my personal life and all the other small things I stay involved with.

During the beginning of the summer, I have found myself having more time and more desire to read and write again. I am hoping to be more consistent with my updates through the summer and will look to update this journal around once a week.

Below is something I found I never published. It is from March 4th of this year, right around mid-terms and a busy time at work. 

I hope you enjoy below for now, I will look to post something fresh soon.



I am sorry I haven’t had the opportunity to update this more, I really enjoy the times where I can sit down and share some thought but those times seem to be very sparse lately. I would love to sit and write something inspiring or wonderful that has happened lately, something that would shock you about how in tune I am with God’s voice. Unfortunately that is not the case (as it most often is not). What I can share is that although I have not updated this very often, I have been having some really cool times with God.

I’ve experienced that since I have become so busy with life (my job, being married-which is by far the best part of my life right now, grad school and all else that we find ourselves doing in life) I have had to become very intentional in my “quiet times” with God. I have never been one who has made a strict routine to when and how I will pray or read my Bible. I have always had the luxury of being able to pick it up anytime I want and not have to worry about anything else that may be going on. Now that life has become more fast-paced, I have had to make myself get up in the mornings and devote that time to God.

In devoting this time to Him, I have really found that I am able to really focus on Him in the mornings. During the 30 minutes to an hour I spend each morning reading and praying, I find that I can stay extremely focused (normally) on what I am reading or praying about. This may seem simple and something you all have done for a long time but it is a new and wonderful pattern in my life. I have always given some time to God but never really made a deliberate decision to dedicate a decided amount to God each day.

Now that I have done this and found a new focus in my “quiet times” I have begun to experience God in new ways. Lately, God has been speaking so clear to me. I know that a month or so ago I wrote about the quiet time I was experiencing with God. That is certainly not the case now! One of the best things about this clarity in which I am hearing God is that every day the words I hear from Him seem life-changing and powerful enough to make me better than I could ever hope to be on my own. I am starting my day, almost every day, hearing clearly what God has for me that day and how He wants to use me to show his love to those around me.

I think another change in my spiritual life has been that focus of what God is talking about. Recently, God has been doing a lot of work on me and teaching me how to be a better person in my life. Now, while God is still continuing to work on me (because I really need it!!!!), He is starting to talk to me about how I can reach others with this great gift of love He has shared with me.

I am not sure what the point of today’s blog is. I really am just excited about how great God has been to me and how wonderful it has been to get into a routine of hearing God with clarity. While I am in routine of hearing from God, it is anything but consistent how He chooses to talk to me. I have heard Him speak in so many different ways but I take comfort in the fact that each way is spoken with love and is meant to make me closer to Him.

I hope these words find you well and are of some encouragement to you in wherever you are.


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