I have had that word, “humanity,” stuck in my head since a friend used it nearly a month ago. I cannot shake the idea that there is something to the way they used this word. My friend used it to mean: “the fault in people.” I decided to look it up:


1. The quality or condition of being human, human nature

2. The quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence

3. A human characteristic, attribute or act

4. Kindness or mercy

5. Human nature; morality; humanness

I like the 1st definition, “the quality or condition of being human.” When we think about it like that, it sounds like being human is something that could be diagnosed by a doctor.


The idea that I think I liked most about the conversation I had with my friend was that the person was “OK” with their humanity. They are at peace with the idea that they are flawed. I know that in my life I got so absorbed with myself and the work I’m doing, in the midst of all of this, I act like I should be doing this work perfectly, I act like there will never be any mistakes. I love the idea that we can be at peace with making mistakes. The sooner I accept I am going to err, the sooner I comprehend that I will never do anything perfect, the better off I will be. People generally speak well of those who “role with the punches.” Those people who do this rolling are the ones who get humanity, or the idea of humanity. They understand that humans are flawed and therefore everything we do will be flawed.

Then God steps into the picture (or my picture, my logic). The only times I have ever experienced anything unflawed are the brief moments where I forget who I am and where I am; I simply am with God. In those moments where I embrace God, or better, let Him embrace me, I am truly at peace. When I not only simple accept my humanity, but allow God into that humanity, then I can role with the person who “rolls with the punches.” Then this is even better when I accept that my humanity is greater than most humans, I am very flawed and constantly make flawed decisions, so I have a lot of humanity to let God into. It is only in Him that I can make the unflawed decision (because it is not really me making the decision but just following what He tells me). It is only in Him that I can live in a moment without error.

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